Gentlemen Capital

The world’s first community-driven blockchain platform with no staking, leading the way with the best opportunities in the crypto space.

What is Gentlemen Capital?

       Gentlemen Capital is a community-driven platform for launching successful crowdfunding for crypto startups, while giving the community fair access to vetted and secure opportunities.    

       The world has changed, digital assets are growing stronger every day and its just a matter of time until this emerging technologies will  be accepted by the mainstream.  New technologies arise every day and through their utility they will reform the global financial system and some of them will be the center of DEFI.

       The current leading launchpads/VCs suffer from issues which inspired us to develop a fairer platform for all investors.

       Gentleman Capital is a platform built for the community that simplifies investing early in the projects that matter.

Early opportunity
Vetted projects
Blockchain based

What Stage are we at?

October, 2021 Business plan and brainstorming ideas
The start of Gentleman Capital community and platform
November, 2021 Building site and community
Building the main landing page, the community and communication channels
December, 2021 Reaching 1000 community members
Growing the network of gentlemen interested in our project. We hope to react this even faster than scheduled so we can launch the amazing platform even sooner.
December, 2021 First project release to our users
First of the many projects released for our users to invest in.
May, 2022 Implement metamask transfer
First step in the development of our platform, the transfer of funds automatically using blockchain technology.
July, 2022 Release of the entire platform
Release our fully featured no staking investing platform
2022-2023 Further Development
We're always going to add new features and improve the platform.